Women of Colour Australia (WoCA), Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation advocating for a fairer and more equitable Australia for all Women of Colour is proud to roll out its second Women of Colour in the Australian Workplace Survey.

WoCA are seeking insight into the workplace realities facing Women of Colour (WoC) across Australia in 2023.

This online survey aims to map the lived experiences of Women of Colour in Australian workplaces and provides a safe avenue for WoC to voice their views and perspectives, shaping the direction and initiatives of WoCA. It will also build on gaps in the academic literature unpacking how discrimination influences ideas of psychological safety and mental well-being for Women of Colour. Finally, responses from this survey will be used to provide recommendations to industry and government to better support Women of Colour in Australian workplaces.

To read more, or to complete the survey, click here

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