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Flexible Support Packages for Family Services

Flexible Funding (FF) is made available to Child and Family Services Alliances by the Department of Families Fairness and Housing.  The funding is accessible to DFFH funded Child and Family Service Providers to support the delivery of child and family services within area. 

  1. Principles of flexible funding

As per the Program Requirements for family and early parenting services in Victoria, the use of flexible funding must be focused on outcomes and clearly link to the implementation and achievement of goals in the Child and Family Action Plan.

It is used to:

•  enable families to make positive and enduring change that will increase parenting capacity, improve family functioning and promote the safety, wellbeing and development of their children and young people.

•  provide practical support and services to minimise children, young people and families requiring more intensive intervention.

Allocation of flexible funding must be prioritised based on an assessment of greatest need and anticipated positive impacts on children’s safety, stability and development.

It is important to note that whilst the use of flexible support funds to provide practical assistance is helpful in engaging parents, providing practical help is only one aspect of the intervention. If the underlying issues leading to the need for family services intervention are not addressed, then small changes brought about using flexible funding are unlikely to make a sustained difference.

Additional funding stream as at January 2022

The alliance was formally notified of an additional funding stream to support families during the COVID-19 pandemic, for use until June 30 2023. This stream creates an additional package of funding for Flexible Support Packages (COVID provisions) available to Bayside Peninsula Child & Family Services clients until June 2023.

COVID provisions guidelines

FSPs (COVID provisions) are considered for use in exceptional circumstances when taking into consideration the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, these packages have been approved to consider additional support that existing FSPs do not.

This takes into consideration the significant financial impact of the pandemic and the increased financial and housing stress placed on vulnerable families.

Funding guidelines have been extended to support payments where the current FSP’s cannot, inclusive of:

  1. Debt repayment
  2. Rental arrears + utility payments
  3. Food vouchers (excluding alcohol)

See full FSP and COVID provisions guidelines links attached

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