Resources for Practitioners

Women with Disabilities Victoria  including their Fact Sheets

-Changing the Landscape outlines actions we must all take to stop violence against women & girls with disability before it starts, including challenging the acceptance and normalisation of violence against women and girls with a disability.

-Person-centred risk assessment with victim survivors with disability (Recorded)  this webinar will explore compounding risk factors and barriers to safety people with disability experience. It will also cover ways you can adapt your practice to ensure people with disability feel safe, heard and supported during risk assessment.

Safe Steps Service providers and professionals can contact Safe Steps Specialist Family Violence Disability Liaison Officers for secondary consultations and information regarding the Family Violence Disability Initiative. Our workers have extensive experience in working with those with a disability as well as those experiencing family violence. This combination of specialist knowledge and experience ensures a tailored response for your clients. We can also offer presentations on disability and family violence to meet your teams individual needs. Call 1800 015 188 or email [email protected] Monday to Friday during business hours.

Reports & other Resources

Whatever it takes: Access for women with disabilities to domestic and family violence services is an ANROWS research report that aims to help tertiary response services to respond effectively to the needs of women with disabilities. It draws on the experiences of women with disabilities who have experienced violence and abuse and have used tertiary response services.

-Family Violence & Disability Forum (Recorded)  Women with Disabilities Victoria and DV Vic held a forum on family violence and disability on Wednesday 1 November 2017 to discuss emerging issues and opportunities for collaboration in the context of current reforms.

-Voices Against Violence is the landmark research conducted by Women with Disabilities Victoria (WDV), in partnership with the Office for the Public Advocate (OPA) and the Domestic Violence Resources Centre Victoria (DVRCV). The 2014 project reports on the extent and nature of violence against women with disabilities in Victoria.

-Women with Disabilities Victoria position paper.

-Victoria’s Parliamentary Committee on Family and Community Development Committee delivered its Interim Report to inform Victoria’s role in the development of a national disability services quality and safeguarding framework.

-How language propels a culture of violence toward women with disabilities  Disability and domestic violence advocate Nicole Lee’s essay, Cultures of Violence, speaks to her lived experience and considerations around the use of ‘vulnerable’ in disability care.

Resources for Clients

-My Care Space – FREE Assistance with NDIS NavigationAre you scrambling to understand your NDIS plan, working out what supports are actually funded, searching for providers and support workers that suit your needs and struggling with the constant updates needed to stay in the loop? MyCareSpace provide support for busy people and can manage three core areas for you to take a huge load off your back.

Risk Assessment & Safety Planning

Refer to the MARAM resources on this website.

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