The Pathways to Resilience team is pleased to offer Bringing Up Great Kids – Parenting after Family Violence.

BUGK FV is a reflective and mindful 6 week program providing parents/carers with the opportunity to reflect on their own unique parenting journey, in a safe and supportive online group space.

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Making Changes for New Beginnings is a 6-week support group for women who have experienced family violence.

The group aims to help you identify the effects of abusive relationships and create new beginnings for yourself.

For more information or to book, contact Laurel on 9690 1188

Location TBC upon registration.

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Come along for our 6-week program of fun and creative activities.

Fun Buddies is a group which provides positive and fun play experiences for families with children aged between 6 months to 3 years old who have experienced family violence.

For more information or to make a referral, contact Laurel on 03 9690 1188

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A FREE 8-Week program for women and their children who have been impacted by family violence.

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The support group would be psychoeducative to build the foundations for awareness of family violence and its implications, promote healing and ongoing coping strategies. The group will encourage connection with peers and empowerment through reflection and discovery.

The goal of the group is to increase awareness to understand and recognise the cycle of violence, including the different forms the cycle can take and how it impacts them and their children, while developing emotional awareness and skills to effectively manage ongoing triggers. The group will cover information relating to family violence, shame and self-talk, trauma and triggers, regulation strategies, resilience, self care and connection. The group will empower individuals to use their voice, share their stories and advocate for themselves and their families.

Referral Eligibility:
– Family has experienced family violence in the past (not experiencing current significant FV- call to discuss if client is going through FLC to determine suitability)
– Family lives, works or plays in the Bayside Peninsula Region
– Parent with at least one child
– Parent has consented to the group for 8 weeks
– Parent has case-management or therapy services that will remain open throughout the duration of the group. Parent may also be on a waitlist for support. Closing due to engagement with the group will not be in the clients best interest for safety reasons and as the group is not a therapeutic intervention, it is a psychoeducation and to mitigate social isolation.
– Please attach any recent assessments done to help determine risk and ensure safety

Please send referral form to
[email protected]
Attn: Clare
Questions? Call (03) 8599 5433

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