Early Intervention- Parents Under Pressure Program

The Early Intervention-Parents under Pressure program aims to focus on families with identified vulnerabilities and intervening by building their resilience and parenting strategies to manage the stressors of parenting.

It also focuses on building their resilience to become attuned and connected positive parents.

This program looks at achieving this through early identification by working in partnership with early years settings to identify families that would benefit from an intervention and deploying the Parents Under Pressure Program.

EI PUP could provide therapeutic support for eligible parents in-home or in groups.


Contact Lauren Davidson or Monica Kelly

These fun, free weekly playgroups are for families that may have particular vulnerabilities or needs, or require extra support to assist in strengthening the child-parent relationship. Our Playgroup leaders are available to assist and help in a variety of ways. Families can seek advice, learn about local support services, and expand their social network in a supported community playgroup setting. Play is a child’s natural language. Attendance at a playgroup can help children’s social, emotional, physical and language development by providing an opportunity to learn and practice new skills.

The friendly, welcoming playgroup sessions include:

 • Child led free play activities inside & outside Structured Art & Crafts
• Speciality sessions; music, singing songs and a story time session Informal education about child development
• Therapeutic support to improve parent’s skills and independence
• Connecting with your child through fun activities to strengthen attachment

Click on the URL here to complete the Group Work Registration Form if you would like to attend our free group work.

Researchers from Monash University and Deakin University are offering parents a FREE online parenting program designed to support parents of teenagers who have difficulty attending school due to anxiety, depression, or emotional distress (sometimes called ‘school refusal’, ‘school can’t’, or ‘school phobia’). The program is being offered as part of a research trial.

For eligibility criteria and further information, download the flyer here

Music playgroup for children 0-5

Music classes in infancy and early childhood have been shown to improve cognitive and social development, and support positive relationships between children and parents.

The Suzuki Early Childhood Education Baby Music Class was created for all children aged 0 – 5 years and is a fun, relaxed class designed to celebrate making music with your kids.

The classes are facilitated by Vanessa, who is an accredited Suzuki Music Teacher through the Suzuki Music Association of Australia. Vanessa has over 7 years of experience teaching Baby Music Class and is excited to bring this wonderful program to Family Life. At Baby Music Class you will have fun dancing and singing, learn to play percussion instruments, and support healthy development through musical play.

Suitable for: Parents with children 0-5 years

Parent Child Mother Goose is an evidence-based program that strengthens attachment and interaction between parents and their young children by introducing them to the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs and stories together.

Enjoy learning rhymes, songs,
and stories together
• Strengthen your bond
• Improve your child’s language, pre-literacy,
and literacy skills

Suitable for Children 0-4yrs and their Parents/Carers

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