Resources for Practitioners

If you are a Family Violence (FV) specialist or Child & Family Services worker and a client discloses that they have been sexually assaulted –

  • you may be able to manage these in the context of your role
  • you may need to access additional resources on sexual assault
  • you many wish to have secondary consults with an sexual assault specialist
  • you may need to refer your client to an sexual assault specialist service

Resources for supporting a client who has experienced sexual assault

For information and resources about sexual assault, visit the website of Sexual Assault Services Victoria, formerly CASA Forum, and now the newly incorporated and expanded peak body for sexual assault services and harmful sexual behaviour services.

Other general information on sexual assault:

Secondary Consults regarding Sexual Assault

If you need advice or support for your client you can access secondary consultations through:

  • SECASA– free secondary consultation service for industry professionals who are looking for input and to discuss a situation or incident they are dealing with that is related to sexual assault and/or family violence that may be related to a patient or one of their clients.

Referring clients to sexual assault services

Various sexual assault support services are available in Bayside Peninsula and across Victoria that you can refer a client to:

  • SECASA – South Eastern CASA provides a free counselling and support service to people who have experienced sexual assault either recently or in the past. The service is also available to non-offending family and friends.
  • The Royal Women’s Hospital provides a 24 hour, seven day a week service to victim/survivors of sexual assault. They offer counselling, support and advocacy for adult female and male victim/survivors of both childhood and adult sexual assault.

Resources for Sexual Assault Practitioners

If you are an Sexual Assault worker and a client discloses that they are experiencing family violence (FV) or you believe FV is an issue, you need to be able to respond appropriately – visit our Understanding Family Violence page to learn about:

  • what FV is
  • how to identify FV
  • how to respond within Victoria’s MARAM Framework
  • understanding information sharing legislation

General Sexual Assault Resources & Research

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