Someone using family violence can also use technology to harass, monitor, stalk, impersonate or make threats to control, frighten or humiliate.  Research has also shown that women and girls are subjected to very high levels of online abuse.

Clients should be alerted to the fact that their location history can be viewed in the QR check-in app installed on their phone.  They are able to remove the location history, without this impacting on the government contact tracing.  To read more and watch a ‘how to’ video, go to the VicGov website.

Other advice and options are available at WESNET’s website.

E Safety Resources for Workers & Clients

About Tech Safety for Workers

  • Know the facts about online abuse towards women and girls at the eSafety Commissioner website.
  • A brief overview of what stalkerware is in this article.
  • Learn more about stalkerware at the Coalition against Stalkerware (CAS) website
  • Supporting a client who has experienced technology-facilitated coercive control 
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