Financial abuse can include many things, like controlling and preventing your access to money, stopping you from getting a job or forcing you to get loans you don’t want.

Resources for Practitioners

Financial Abuse Support Toolkit Information about what financial abuse involves.

Financial Recovery: A Guide to Helping People who Have Experienced Family Violence Tip sheet about the main financial issues victim survivors may face. 

Money Check Up A conversation guide for professionals to find out if a victim survivor has financial concerns.

People Affected by Family Violence: Using the law to help your clients on the road to financial recovery Factsheet about assisting victim survivors who have experienced financial abuse.

Case Work Support Resources for family violence workers, lawyers and financial counsellors about relevant reforms for clients experiencing family violence.

Financial Elder Abuse Examples of financial elder abuse and red flags.

Joint Facilities and Family Violence Factsheet about joint loans and other joint facilities in the context of family violence.

The Dangerous Combination of Gambling and Family Violence Practice guide for gambling counsellors, financial counsellors and family violence professionals.

Resources for Clients

How to Spot and Stop Financial Abuse Toolkit for Indigenous women and girls.

Family Violence and Financial Abuse Resource with information about what financial abuse is and steps that victim survivors can take.

Some Signs of Financial Abuse Infographic for victim survivors to identify financial abuse.

Financial Independence Hub The Good Shepherd Financial Independence Hub (FIH) is a national, trauma-informed service providing support to people of all gender identities who have experienced financial abuse, and/or the financial impacts of domestic and family violence.

General Resources and Research

Design to Disrupt: Reimagining bank products to improve financial safety Discussion paper examining how the finance sector can play a key role in preventing economic abuse. 

Crime Stoppers Victoria Podcast Series Crime Stoppers Victoria has released a podcast which explores financial abuse and coercive control in relationships. There are two episodes ‘What is financial abuse’ and ‘Escaping financial abuse’.

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