Watch some family violence and sexual assault workers explain what a typical day looks like in their role, what motivates them and why they love what they do.

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“Welcome to the ‘by people for people’ issue of WithUs. In this issue, we’ve brought along a selection of top projects and people who’ve been very busy out there putting people with lived and living experience, their voices and perspectives right at the heart of their work. As usual, we’ll be skipping the glossy spin and getting straight to talking to those on the ground doing working with for real – because if there’s one thing I keep hearing on my travels, it’s that people want less buzzwords and jargon, more practicalities and people. If you believe in the power of working with, I hope that issue #3 leaves you reassured and hopeful that there are other excellent humans out there on the same path. That there is hope for this way of working to be the catalyst for change. I hope that you recognise the sweet smell of possibility in the stories and insights shared and that you use them to inspire and inform your own working with adventures.”

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The National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse are working to help keep children and young people safe, and are looking to learn from young people themselves about the best ways to hear their voices and get their input on projects, policy and the research the National Centre will produce in future. 

The Engage Project is a research opportunity for young people to connect with the National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse (The National Centre) and let us know how we can best work with children and young people to hear their voices and learn from their experiences.

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