Ending family and gender-based violence is long-term work that must occur at all levels and all settings across the community. This continuum of interconnected and concurrent activities is often grouped into three broad categories:

Initiatives focused on each of these areas are important and reinforce each other.

Safe+Equal’s latest resource ‘What is Primary Prevention?’ aims to promote understanding of family and gender-based violence work across the continuum, from prevention to response, as well as provide practical suggestions to improve connection.

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Our Watch’s recent report, Growing with change, looks at why Australia needs a strong, diverse, supported and expert workforce to scale-up and sustain its national efforts to prevent violence against women.  

Growing with change is the first report of its kind in Australia, and explores what is currently known about the primary prevention workforce and national policy context.  

We are proposing that five key elements should be considered as part of a national approach to increase the prevention workforce’s size, capability, coordination and sustainability into the future. 

Given the society-wide impact of gendered violence, it is essential that the prevention workforce is multi-disciplinary and diverse to reach into communities, organisations and workplaces across Australia. It must include both specialist workers and those who work across multiple roles and undertake prevention activities as one element of their work. 

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WESNET has been working with Tinder Australia over the last few months to create a Dating Safety Guide that will help survivors and the general population with learning about the safety features available in the Tinder Dating App.

By reminding users of Tinder’s Community Guidelines, describing how to use its in-app safety features, and highlighting the recently improved reporting process, the Dating Safety Guide helps informs daters in Australia about the do’s and don’ts of dating safely. 

The Dating Safety Guide includes some of the new updates built into the Tinder app around reporting abusive and harassing behaviour and more.

Access the guide here

Strengthening and Protecting Veteran Family Relationships is a research study looking at programs or services that aim to strengthen couple relationships where one (or both) partners are current or ex-serving Australian Defence Force members.

The research study will conduct focus groups with current or ex-serving ADF members and current or former partners of ADF members. It will:

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