Participate in RMIT research into experiences and support needs of victim-survivors of family violence and sexual harm

Sector expertise has long acknowledged that family violence and sexual harm often co-occur. Victoria has undertaken a substantial process of sector wide reform to improve services, responses, safety and prevention for those impacted by family violence. One of the components of this reform initiative is the implementation of co-located services for family violence and allied response agencies, including sexual assault services.

RMIT is being funded by Family Safety Victoria to research the experiences and support needs of these victim survivors, in order to inform the ongoing development of Victoria’s family violence response.

The RMIT research team are currently looking for support workers to take part in interviews on the intersections of family and sexual violence. We’re particularly interested in examples of coordinated services in this area. If you would like to participate, please read and complete the consent form below. For further information on the research project, contact:

Dr Anastasia Powell
Associate Professor Criminology & Justice Studies, RMIT University
+61 3 9925 3566
[email protected]

View the Participant Information Statement and Consent Form here

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