The Partnership Team

The Partnership is managed by the Principal Strategic Advisor (PSA) who is supported by a team comprised of a Project Officer and Program Administrator and Training Facilitators.

The PSA provides leadership in the development implementation and monitoring of the integrated approach to family violence in the Bayside Peninsula Area.

The PSA works closely with the members and the Chairs to ensure that the BPIFVP provides strategic leadership within the local service system and functions according to the Partnership Agreement.

Together with the Chair the PSA is responsible for fostering a commitment to collaboration and innovation within the BPIFVP and maintaining a focus on objectives as described in the Strategic Plan.

The responsibilities of the PSA include:

  • governance and operational support to BPIFVP
  • Information gathering and knowledge building to support the work of the BPIFVP
  • partnership and collaboration
  • Statewide and area based representation
  • information conduit between the sector, local areas, peak bodies, government and other regional governance structures

Meet the team

Rosemary Burrell


Rosemary is a vibrant and self-motivated leader with over 30 years’ experience in senior operational and strategic management roles. With a background as a registered Nurse and Midwife across a broad range of health services, Rosemary brings extensive knowledge of health care systems to her leadership roles.  She has a strong track record for achieving sustainable policy and cultural change around complex social and health issues including Family Violence.

Rosemary has worked as the Principal Strategic Advisor – Bayside Peninsula Integrated Family Violence Partnership since 2016.  In this role, Rosemary provides strategic leadership in the development, implementation and monitoring of integrated approaches to service system reform by providing informed, considered and evidenced advice on service integration and policy to the committee, government and other professionals.  Rosemary has established and maintained relationships that support key agreements and protocols between regional family violence services (women, children and men’s services) and other key sectors and services, such as Family Services, child protection, AoD and mental health services, homelessness services, housing services, courts, police and the Indigenous Family Violence Regional Action Group.

Rosemary’s goal in her PSA role is to move cross-system coordination beyond that of representation on sector groups and networking, taking collaboration to the next level to drive systems reform.

Areeya Holmes


Areeya graduated from Monash University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Human Rights. In 2023 she completed a Graduate Diploma in Family Violence Prevention at Monash University. Areeya started with BPIFVP in 2023 in an administrative role and will be working with both the BPIFVP and the Southern Melbourne Integrated Family Violence Partnership, supporting both Principal Strategic Advisors, Kirsten Majidi and Rosemary Burrell. Areeya’s role will include updating the SouthSafe Website, preparing the BPIFVP newsletters, assisting with training and events management, and general admin and meetings support.


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