The Victorian Stolen Generation Reparations Package is aimed at members of the Stolen Generations who were removed from their families in Victoria. The Package aims to help address the trauma and suffering caused by the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families, community, culture, identity and language.

Eligible applicants can receive a range of reparations, including:

  • a lump sum payment of $100,000
  • access to trauma-informed counselling
  • supported access to healing programs such as family reunions, reconnection to Country, and language programs
  • a personal apology from the Victorian Government
  • an opportunity to record and share their story and experience
  • access to records held by the State about their removal.

There are three ways to apply:

  • online form
  • downloadable form
  • contacting the department to have a paper form sent in the post.

Assessment of applications will start in June 2022.

Some advance payments to people who are terminally or critically ill will start before this date. Applications from elderly people or people with poor or declining health will be prioritised.

Applications close: Wednesday 31 March 2027.

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