The THRIVARY app provides parents, carers, families, and professionals access to early childhood development information and resources that have been reviewed by subject matter experts. Thrivary has been developed by Reimagine Australia (formally Early Childhood Intervention Australia) and has been co-designed with families and early childhood practitioners over two years. Thrivary can be shared with families to build their confidence in understanding their child’s development and learning through play at home.


  • guides families through each age and stage of their child’s development from birth to 8 years of age, including activities to promote their child’s development
  • allows parents and carers to take notes and record their child’s development
  • provides an integrated calendar tool that allows families to schedule appointments, capture notes, track their child’s milestones and easily visualize their child’s development history
  • connects parents and carers with organisations that offer community and peer support
  • enables access to a trusted library of resources that have been verified by Reimagine’s Council of early childhood thought leaders and experts.

For each developmental area (movement, communication, social-emotional, cognitive, everyday skills), Thrivary provides examples of developmentally appropriate activities parents and carers can incorporate into their home routines to support their children’s learning and development.

Read more about the app here

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