The Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety recently ran a consultation process on the proposed updated rooming houses minimum standards. The SHSN submission concluded that the new regulations will provide a better quality residence for rooming house residents, however, the new regulations alone are insufficient to address many of the concerns raised by our member agencies and clients. 

The SHSN would like to see substantial changes to rooming houses in addition to the new regulations.  These changes must address the issues of safety by reducing areas of conflict (by increasing the mandated ratio of toilets and bathrooms per resident), funding additional support staff to assist residents, and providing alternative accommodation for people who cannot live in communal settings but cannot afford alternative accommodation. The changes must also address the lack of affordability of rooming houses. 

The SHSN believes that all people should live in housing where they can thrive, not just survive.  Housing should be safe and not detrimental to one’s health.  After the COVID pandemic and spending so much time at home, we all know the importance of safe, affordable, hygienic homes. 

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