Region: : Families residing in Mornington Peninsula Shire, Frankston City, City of Kingston, Bayside City, Glen Eira, Stonington and Port Phillip.
Community House, 12 Keith St, Hampton East

These fun, free weekly playgroups are for families that may have particular vulnerabilities or needs, or require extra support to assist in strengthening the child-parent relationship. Our Playgroup leaders are available to assist and help in a variety of ways. Families can seek advice, learn about local support services, and expand their social network in a supported community playgroup setting. Play is a child’s natural language. Attendance at a playgroup can help children’s social, emotional, physical and language development by providing an opportunity to learn and practice new skills.

The friendly, welcoming playgroup sessions include:

 • Child led free play activities inside & outside Structured Art & Crafts
• Speciality sessions; music, singing songs and a story time session Informal education about child development
• Therapeutic support to improve parent’s skills and independence
• Connecting with your child through fun activities to strengthen attachment

Click on the URL here to complete the Group Work Registration Form if you would like to attend our free group work.

Suitable for 0-5 year olds

10:30am to 12:30pm every Thursday
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