Region: Families residing in the Bayside Peninsula region
Online via Zoom (link provided upon registration)

The program supports parents to provide children with the confidence and freedom to explore their world while feeling a sense of comfort and security. The program assists parents to see behaviour as communication rather than a problem.

Experienced and trained Circle Of Security® Family Life practitioners will facilitate the group sessions.

The Circle Of Security® parenting program will help families by:

• Supporting a child’s self esteem
• Tune in to a child’s world by reading important cues
• Understanding a child’s emotional needs
• Connecting with their child and enjoy being in the moment
• Strengthening the bond and attachment with their child

Access flyer here

Available for: Parents with infants, toddlers and
preschool aged children.

Wednesdays, 1st May - 12th June 2024: Attendance at all sessions is essential
10:30am - 12:30pm
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