In 2022, the Centre for Innovative Justice (CIJ) at RMIT University was contracted by Family Safety Victoria to contribute to the development of a MARAM Practice Guidance regarding Adolescents Using Family Violence.

In the context of this project, the term ‘Adolescents Using Family Violence’ (AFV) was scoped to incorporate young people using violence or harm across a range of personal relationships, both within their family of origin, wider family networks and intimate relationships.

Similarly, the term was also scoped to include harmful sexual behaviour, which is otherwise generally addressed as a standalone issue within the literature, given that it requires a particularly specialised response.

As part of this project, the CIJ was asked to conduct a review of the applicable evidence base. The relevant evidence base is necessarily broad, given the spectrum of behaviour and relationship contexts contemplated within the project’s focus.

Click here to read the recently released research paper from RMIT, on the effects of the MARAM practice tool in relation to adolescents.

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