Victoria Police is currently trialling the option of using body-worn cameras to digitally record evidence-in-chief (DREC) statements from adult victim survivors in family violence cases. The Department of Justice and Community Safety’s Evidence and Insights team is undertaking an evaluation of the trial, with a particular focus on understanding the victim survivors’ experiences and what enhancements could be made before it is rolled out as a permanent option.

Opportunities are now open for support workers to have their say!

The evaluation team are very interested in hearing from support workers who have had exposure to DREC in their work. Specifically, when supporting victim survivors in their experience with DREC in family violence matters and the legal process more broadly (as it pertains to the use of DREC). There are several options available, and you can choose one or all:

Questions regarding the evaluation can be directed to Madeleine Kapira, Lead Evaluator, via email: [email protected] or phone (03) 9136 3411. Data collection for this trial concludes on 31 April 2023.

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