Tips for challenging outdated and rigid gender stereotypes:

Most of us grew up with a script about what it means to be a man or a woman.  

For men, it can look like: ‘You’re tough, you’re in charge. You’re not sad – you’re angry. Your job is to earn. You’re a worker, not a carer.’ 

For women, it can look like: ‘You’re caring and submissive – you’re nice. You’re in charge of the housework, and you can expect less pay at work because you’re a woman.’  

When left unchallenged, these scripts set the scene for exhaustion, resentment, and inequality. They also contribute to the culture that drives violence against women.   

The good news? A different ending is possible. We can free ourselves from outdated and rigid gender stereotypes by having conversations about respecting each other’s time, effort and needs. At work, with your mates, and at home. 

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