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Family Violence Services

Three key Family Violence specialist agencies operate in the Bayside Peninsula – The Orange Door, Good Shepherd and The Salvation Army.

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The Orange Door

For Bayside Peninsula locations, contact details and operating hours, go to our The Orange Door page

Services Provided: Family Violence specialist response; Child & Youth specialist services; Adolescents and Adults who use violence services; advocacy, support & referral services; The Orange Door does NOT provide after hours services

Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd Hastings
Call 03 5971 9444
Location: 185 Salmon St, Hastings, VIC, 3915

Good Shepherd Mornington
Call 03 5970 5700
Location: 346 Main Street, Mornington, VIC, 3931

Services Provided: Family Violence specialist response including after hours outreach; Case Management; Child & Youth specialist services; advocacy, support & referral services; financial counselling; Groups

The Salvation Army

Call 03 9536 7797

Services Provided: Family Violence specialist response; Case Management; Child & Youth specialist services; advocacy, support & referral services; financial counselling; GroupsFlexible Support Packages

FV Counselling

Family Life provides FV counselling in the Bayside Peninsula. To refer a client, please use Family Life’s adult or their child referral form.

Restorative Justice

The Family Violence Restorative Justice Service (FVRJ Service) can work with clients to address the harm they have experienced as a result of family violence.

Enhanced Therapeutic Case Management

Launch Housing

The ETCM program provides up to 6 months of specialise case management and therapeutic support to children with significant support needs as a result of homelessness and/or family violence. Significant needs can result from experiences such as:

  • A history of chronic homelessness or significant ongoing disadvantage
  • Ongoing needs for which there has been no service system response
  • Significant exposure to violence, abuse and trauma
  • History of statutory involvement
  • Disrupted and unmet developmental and/or educational needs

Our Senior Children’s Specialist Workers are able to work with children, their families and referring agencies from a flexible and trauma-informed child-centred approach and offer weekly:

  • Therapeutic developmentally-appropriate activities, involving art and play, for children to process their experiences and realise their goals
  • Enhanced case management and skill development with parents around parenting
  • Optional fun attachment-strengthening activities for families

Any children aged 0-12 living in transitional or long term housing within the Southern Metropolitan region with significant support needs requiring an intensive response are eligible for the program.

The only other requirement is that the referring worker (i.e. housing worker) will need to stay involved with the family for the duration of ETCM support as the program is a co-case management program.

Click here to access the ETCM referral form.

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