Safe + Equal CEO Tania Farha published a piece in Council to Homeless Persons’ Parity: “Poverty and Homelessness” October 2023 Edition. The op-ed explores how financial security and safe, accessible housing contribute to a victim survivor’s journey to recovery from family violence. Financial security and safe, accessible housing are two of the most critical pillars in the journey to recovery from family violence. Without them, victim survivors often find themselves trapped, unable to safely escape their perpetrator and rebuild their lives without risking poverty and homelessness. 

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The Safe & Together Institute is proud to release a new paper entitled: “Ensuring the Voice of the Child is Heard, and Child’s Best Interests are Considered in Domestic Abuse Cases: Safe & Together Model and the Rights of Children” by David Mandel, CEO and creator of the Safe & Together Model. Developed in response to requests for more information on Model’s relationship to the rights of children and with contributions from Safe & Together Model practitioners from around the globe, this paper represents the most up to date articulation of the Model’s relevance to the rights of children in domestic violence situations.

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The Sex Discrimination Act introduced a requirement for employers to proactively prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. As of last week, the Australian Human Rights Commission has powers to investigate and enforce penalties against businesses who do not comply. All forms of violence against women, including sexual harassment, are more likely to happen where gender inequality is normalised.

Is your business ready to join the national movement to end violence against women?   The Our Watch Institute provides training, expert consultancy and evidence-based tools to help you make meaningful change in the workplace and community. 

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